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This blog is dedicated to any topic that directly or indirectly relates to Food, Beer and/or Buffoonery — though eventually, it’ll probably contain some tidbits on Techie topics, Music and the Natural Sciences. A few of my other interests.

Why a blog? Why not? Everyone else has one now-a-days. Why not me? I had to do something with my idle domain. 😉  So, I won’t pretend that anyone’s really reading this.  It’s mostly for my own amusement. (Hi mom!)

And in addition to being my blog, this site serves as a portal to all things me. I’ll be getting my portfolio of web work up here soon which will include sites designed under the Sudzl name — a pseudo company comprised of myself and a super-coder Dean Brundage — which we occasionally use for freelance web development work and also use for the parent of, our slowly moving labor of love.

My offsite profiles: