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A Fine British Curry

A British Curry

A British Curry

Searching the net for something to cook tonight, I ran across a recipe for a British Style Curry.  The author of the recipe states, “I can close my eyes after eating it and hear the patter of rain on the streets of London.” Sounds good to me. I’ve only been to London once, and I didn’t have any curry while I was there … but I can imagine.

It’s just about done as I type and it smells fantastic.  I tasted a little with a spoon, and it tastes as good as it smells. Though the author of the recipe may not appreciate me cutting down on the oil…  Sorry, I just couldn’t do it!!!  Two cups?!?!  😀

I was thinking of ways to make this recipe just as rich as the “two cups of oil” version, but without the, you know, two cups of oil. So upon serving, in by bowl, I added a dab of honey for a slight hint of sweetness. This seemed to work well. I think I might also try adding a couple spoons of yogurt next time and see how that fares.

Anyway, I thought this recipe should be shared.  And I’ll be perusing through the rest of when I get a chance to see if there are more recipes hidden there. She does mention beer…

I’d suggest feasting on this with a nice 55°F (13°C) pint of Fuller’s London Pride.

The British Curry Recipe

(Oh, and I just had to cheat and bake some beer battered fish to go with it.  Fish and Curry.  Why not?)