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Fun With Gas

Paying a lot for gas these days?  So am I, or so I thought.  My last fill up was $4.16 per gallon.  Seems expensive, right?  Well, take a look at what they’re paying in several European countries:

For the week of 19 May 2008
Belgium: $8.84
France: $8.48
Germany: $8.75
Italy: $8.65
Netherlands: $9.54
UK: $8.31
USA: $4.02
Source: US Department of Energy

And we’re complaining about that measly $4.02 per gallon. Just be glad you aren’t making that 64 mile commute to work in the Netherlands!

Recently, many politicians, Democrats in particular, have been promoting ways of trying to lower the gas prices.  At the same time they’re the ones wanting big increases in fuel efficiency for cars (which would be great) and promoting alternative fuels.

The thing is, high gas prices are just what’s needed to push the market in that direction.  Trying to lower gas prices by using temporary tax cuts, etc, is just hindering their long term goal of getting more efficient cars on the road and increasing mass transit ridership.  What are they thinking?

Just Buffooneristic “food for thought”.